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Meet Stuart

My name is Stuart Nordhoff and I am a communications major at Indiana University Southeast. Now, you might be wondering how or why a communications major ended up working in an accounting and property management office like the one here at Berkshire Hathaway Parks and Weisberg. Well, I am right there with you in trying to figure that out.

One might think that working in an accounting office could be boring or just repeating the same task day in and day out. I will admit, I was one of them and boy was I wrong. There is no such thing as a quotidian task in this office. Each individual member of the team plays their role and somehow at the end of the day it all just comes together. I will admit, there are days when I leave and I feel the whiplash of bouncing from one task to another and being pulled in several different directions, but I would not trade that for anything.  In a stressful environment such as this, it is imperative to be able to blow off some steam and crack a few jokes here and there; we are the pros here in this office, just ask anyone. As earlier mentioned, we all play a certain role within the office, you can see it in our distinct personalities. We all click together and are most certainly a family. If you ever wonder what it would be like to step out of your area of expertise and maybe even out of your comfort zone, work in an office where everything is new. I did and I am not disappointed.

I have learned so much already in the few months I have been here with this amazing company. You may also find that you can help in ways that you did not even imagine. Not being an accounting major, I have a different and outside way of thinking when it comes to problems that may present themselves in the office.  It is encouraging when you can shed light on the solution because of the approach you take.

While I work mainly on the accounting side, I do dabble a bit in the property management division and I now have a new respect for the people that choose this career path. Never have I seen a more hardworking group of individuals. You do not realize how much work a property manager truly does. Our property managers do so much to keep our tenants, owners, and vendors happy and they excel at it. I have the highest regards for this company and all those that work here. It has been an amazing and knowledge filled journey and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Posted by: bhhspw on July 11, 2018
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